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Breakaway Couplings

Poppets set for open flow

Flaps close immediately upon separation of coupling halves

Safety Breakaway Couplings

The Safety breakaway couplings consists of two halves, each with a poppet that has a flat type-sealing surface similar to a dry disconnect coupling. The coupling remains constantly open under normal use. The two halves of the breakaway coupling only close when there is excessive force, such as in a truck or railcar drive away situation. When the couplings separate, this allows the poppets to close. Product loss is minimized because the two poppets close rapidly, minimizing exposure to personnel and the environment.

Breakaway Coupling Choices:

» LPG Breakaway Couplings
» Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings
» Emergency Release (ERC) Breakaway Couplings
» ERC Couplings - Hydraulic Power Units
» Marine Hose String Breakaway Couplings
» Marine Dock Breakaway Couplings
» Breakaway Couplings - Dual Emergency Release Collar
» Industrial Breakaway Couplings
» Non Poppet Breakaway Couplings

Sizes: 1" to 24"

End Connections: NPT, BSP, Flanged, Butt Weld

Materials of Construction: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Special Metals

Seals: Rubber Seals, PTFE

Pressure Rating: Low to High Pressure, varies with application

Emergency Release Coupling

Emergency Release Coupling

Breakaway Coupling Flanged

Breakaway Coupling Pipe to Hose

Breakaway Coupling Threaded Ends

Breakaway Coupling Weld Ends

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