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Marine Dock Breakaway Couplings

Marine Dock Breakaway Couplings are designed to be installed on a marine Dock or on board a ship or barge and is coupling located between a pipe and hose.

Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, other metals

Seals: Rubber seals or PTFE

End Connections: Flanged connections

Sizes: 1" to 12", larger sizes available

12" Breakaway Coupling on Dock

Emergency Release Collar Dual / Hydraulic & Mechanical

Emergency Release Collar Mechanical

Emergency Release Collar - Dual / Hydraulic & Mechanical Operation

The Dual Emergency Release Coupling is designed to work as Follows: This is a typical application: When an operator is present at the site and the operator sees a ship drifting away and a stress on the system is about to occur, the operator can intervene directly by pumping the hand pump, which is located at some distance from the coupling, and with 2 or 3 strokes create enough pressure thus moving the hydraulic cylinder on the coupling. The cylinder moves applying pressure on the collar release mechanism thus causing a release and the poppets close. The half of the coupling that falls off is kept from falling into the water by a cable that is attached to the other half of the coupling. If the operator is not present at the site to intervene in case of a ship drifting away, then the mechanical back up cable release takes over.

Hydraulic Release Hand Pump

Emergency Release Collar Dual / Hydraulic & Mechanical

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