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Loading Arms

Loading Arms are flexible piping units that handle a variety of chemical and petroleum products. Loading Arm accessories include swivel joints, hose, safety breakaway valves, dry disconnect couplings, cam and groove couplings, loading valves, and level sensors. Loading arms designed to handle vapors include plates, cones, expandable hatch seals and swivel joint leak detector options. Loading arms designed to handle hot products have the pipe, swivel joints and hose jacketed or electric traced. Loading Arms to handle food products have silicone filled swivel joints, smoothed welds, food grade seals and lubricant. Loading arms designed to handle compressed gas, such as LPG or CO2, have swivel joints designed for the higher pressures and low temperatures. Floating Suctions and articulated roof drains include flexible swivel joints, pipe and floats that rest on top of product in a tank that are used for inflow and outflow of product and draining water off tank roofs. Unit dimensions come in both standard and customized to fit the application.

Loading Arm Choices

Petroleum » Top Loading
» Bottom Loading
Chemical » Top Loading
» Bottom Loading
Vapor Recovery » Petroleum
» Chemical
» Arm Accessories
Heated Arms » Jacketed
» Electric Traced
Food Service » Food Service
Compressed Gas » Compressed Gas
Cryogenic » Cryogenic
Drum Loading » Drum Loading
Lined / Bypass » Lined / Bypass
Air Operated » Pneumatic
Accessories » Level Sensor
» Air Level Sensor
» Arm Accessories

Choice of Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy 20
  • Hastelloy C
  • Special Metals
  • PTFE lined
  • Liquid Chlorine Service

Swivel Joint Options: (split flange, V-ring, o-ring styles)

Swivel Joint Options: A variety of seals

Sizes: 2" through 6"

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