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Automatic Loading Arm System

Long Reach Arm

Standard (included in package)

Process pipe
Stand post
Pneumatic or electric overfill sensor
Hydraulic cylinder (for primary arm movement)
Hydraulic cylinder (for boom movement)
Hydraulic cylinder (for vertical movement)
Hoses, hydraulic
Control Panel
Swivel Joints
Unit fully assembled, tested, boxed

Available Options

Full port ball valve or plug valve
Vapor plug (cone)
Horizontal movement sensor
Vertical movement sensor
Vapor check valve
Overfill level sensor(s)
Monitoring swivel joints
Static grounding straps for swivel


Pneumatic Valves: Valves can have electric position sensors

Electric Actuated Valves: Electric valves includes actuator

Hvdraulic Cylinders: Come with hoses, pump and controls

Pneumatic Cylinders: Include hoses

Overfill Sensors: Pneumatic or electric

Monitoring Swivel Joints: Come with swivel joint taps and hoses

Static Grounding Straps: Are bonding straps that go across swivel joints to provide grounding electrical conductivity across swivel joints.

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