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Marine Loading/Unloading Arms


Marine Loading/Unloading Arms are designed to the O.C.I.M.F. design and construction for marine loading arms and offers advantages in enhanced safety and reliability in operation. Marine Loading Arms need a minimum of service attention and only require routine maintenance.

Swivel Joints

The swivel joints are designed for minimum maintenance and incorporate unique design features whereby all seals can be replaced in situ. All swivels are of the proven wire raceway design, being single row ball track type with replaceable "clip in" wire raceways and are designed to withstand the effect of combined radial and axial loads and bending moments (without leakage) or ball track indentation. The split flange design allows the capability of changing the swivel (where required), without having to dismantle major boom elements.

Testing & Standards

Both ambient and cryogenic swivel technologies are well proven within the industry and the swivels have surpassed expectations in OCIMF and life cycle testing. (Third party certification available upon request)

With the excellent track record for safe and trouble free operation, the arms meet all the HSE safety and environmental requirements within the industry.


Classroom and onsite training for jetty operators for all types of loading arms and ancillary equipment.

Sizes and Seals

Size ranges are from 4" to 24" and cover both ambient and cryogenic temperature products. A variety of seals are also available to handle a wide variety of products.




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