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Safety Stairs

Bullard Company brings to various industries self-leveling stair designs that provide the versatility for many applications that require the top accessing of your mode of transportation for bulk loading and unloading of products. The safety stairs are designed with a working range of 40 degrees above or below the platform surface. With Bullard’s design expertise we can provide safe access solu-tions for your operations.

Combining many years of experience in providing ac-cess equipment to the market and the need for repairable units, our engineering group has incorporated the following design features into each model.

  • Modular design for ease of parts replacement.
  • Aluminum safety stairs have hot dip galvanized base mount with stainless steel tread and axle assembly.
  • Integrated mounting for either top or flush mounting.
  • Permanently lubed bearings on main axle.
  • Permanently lubed bearings on the treads for steel units, oil im-pregnated bronze bush-ings on aluminum units.
  • A variety of finishes are available: Standard safety yellow powder coating on all steel units. Hot dip galvaniz-ing, uncoated aluminum, or anodized aluminum.
  • Totally enclosed dual spring balancing for ease of positioning.
  • Spring loaded stainless steel latch for vertical storage.
  • Optional adjustable chain stops & hydraulic assist if required.
  • Folding tubular hand-rails that meet OSHA standards.
  • Self-leveling hoops can be attached for secon-dary fall prevention.
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