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Motorized Swivel Joints

Motorized Swivel Joints are swivel Joints combined with servo motor Technology to produce a range of Compact, tough, and powerful Units for the piping industry.

  • Rotates pipe work while carrying fluid under pressure
  • The design is to scale to suit many applications
  • Motor options include hydraulic, pneumatic, electric induction or the very compact and adaptable electric servo as shown.
  • Positioning accuracy better than +-0.5 degrees when supplied with programmable motion controller.
  • The swivel will support high external loads ie: axial, radial, and bending.
  • High pressures, greater than 1000 psi where required
  • Can interface directly to your PLC or manual switchgear.
  • Available water resistant IP rated.
  • Models can be specially manufactured using proven designs for any specific task.
    i.e. 316 stainless steel for hygienic applications.


  • Mixing Drum Rotators - eliminating the need for separate bearing, swivel and drive
  • Automated loading systems
  • Hazardous area work
  • Robotics
  • Food processing machines
  • Water Jetting
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